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One of the most significant issues in any divorce is deciding who gets to keep what. Who gets the house? Who gets the car? How would we spend time with children?Disputes over the division of property can lead to a severely contentious divorce, and it is vital that any couple seeking a divorce in Florida understand how the process works. Selecting a professional to handle your Divorce is not only helpful but Crucial. We've served our clients for over 15 years, we guarantee our clients,not only to save them money but save them Time and Stress. 


The US immigration process is not easy to navigate; we at LEGALTY, know this first-hand. Even when you’ve “made it” through and have your green card in your hands there are still a few things that might sneak up on you. We not only serve you with the preparation of your Immigration Documents, we will be in this process together all the way through.


If you have made the decision to file Florida bankruptcy, it is a sure bet your decision was not an easy one. Having made this difficult decision, it is crucial you avoid specific mistakes and actions both prior to filing bankruptcy as well as during and after the bankruptcy filing.  With LEGALTY you can feel confident that


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