"What Makes Us Differens Better"


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We provide virtual paralegal services to attorneys who are seeking more efficient and less expensive solutions for litigation case management. With senior level expertise and experience, our paralegals are committed to bringing you results in the most efficient way possible.

While deadlines sometimes dictate what gets immediate attention, management of the overall case will likely include the following:

Monitor court docket web pages for filings and new settings

Draft correspondence, pleadings, and discovery documents

Client phone interviews to prepare discovery responses

Legal typing

Witness and exhibit lists

Service of process coordination

Alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration preparation

Hearing, mediation, and trial notebooks (paper or digital)

Internet research and public record investigations

Litigation deadlines and docketing

Certificate of Service compliance via eService, email, or mail

Administrative record preparation

Exhibit preparation and organization

Settlement package preparation

Are you interested in utilizing virtual paralegal support on an as-needed basis to grow your law practice?

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